If you have been involved in a car accident, you have several things that you will need do after the crash in order to prepare a car insurance claim .  One of the most important things that is easy to overlook is finding a copy of the car accident police report filled out by the responding officer. 

The police officer’s car accident report can be critical to obtaining the insurance coverage you need, and should be part of every car accident claim. A licensed attorney will be able to easily retrieve and review your car accident police report.

Additional options to obtain your police report after a car accident:

  • Contact the law enforcement office who wrote the report – The officers making the report will often give you a receipt or a business card that include the case or report number that you will submit to get your report. This is nearly always a paid service.
  • Contact your insurance company – Sometimes the claims department will order a copy of the police report, and will provide a copy to injured parties, often for free.
  • Third party online police report companies will often provide your police report for a fee.

To learn more about obtaining your police report and how it will be used to fight for your claim, check out The Hammer’s police report podcast episode.


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