The data for car accidents in Florida highlights some alarming statistics. Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles released a report showing that in 2016, there were 395,842 car accidents in the State of Florida. That is approximately a 5% increase since 2015 and a 13% increase since 2014. Of the 374,342 crashes that took place in 2015, there were 243,316 nonfatal injuries and 2,939 deaths. Interpreting the statistical data, about 65% of the Florida car accidents that took place in 2015 resulted in injuries.

If you get into a car accident in Florida, there is a very good chance that you will sustain injuries. Florida courts see thousands of personal injury lawsuits a year. Injured victims who are seeking compensation for damages can put themselves in better positions for maximum recovery if they retain an experienced Florida personal injury attorney. Due to the high volume of these types of lawsuits in the State of Florida, your claim could easily be overlooked and minimalized by an opposing attorney or by the courts. A skilled personal injury attorney with a successful trial history will not be intimidated by big insurance companies and an at-fault driver’s counsel.


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